About us


We envision a World in equilibrium with nature.



To combat Rampant destruction viewing sustainability, education and collectivity in the sub developed areas.


About Us:

We are reforesting the Amazon one tree at a time while educating children to rejuvenate societies. We know by social science that this to be the only viable way to ensure the future protection of Earth. 

We want to be updating you with everything, from cures found to new species, all while maintaining our campaign forward. We will try publishing important news to keep you updated.

How it Works:

We First take care of the seedlings in nurseries as a means to raise and mature strong plants capable of surviving the acid like terrain in the Amazon, after the plant is ready we take it to an area which has been devastated and start the process of replanting. The locations we have chosen to reforest are all close to the cities and will function as a strategic location to send people the message that it's possible.

Since a Reforestation takes time and will be accomplished in cities some far away from the capital, our team will with public school permission go to schools to enrich the children about nature and the science behind modern agriculture. Later bringing the kids to replant the trees themselves, as such we can really capture this memory. In said way we can generate a new society motivated in protecting the Amazon and not destroying it.