Diabetes amputation cure found!

Good news for diabetics. This year, a Brazilian hydrogel, made in the Amazon, is expected to avoid the amputation of extremities, common in patients with the disease. The product is made from bitter ginger - Zingiber zerumbet - a plant that would be Asian. The hydrogel has been in development for over 20 years by Carlos Cleomir de Souza Pinheiro, 64, a researcher at INPA, the National Institute of Amazonian Research (Inpa / MCTIC).

A biologist with a doctorate in biotechnology and natural resources, he said in an interview with SoNotíciaBoa that the hydrogel had a 95% cure success in the lesions of 27 diabetic patients with foot ulcers who had indication of amputation.   Cleomir said the hydrogel works because "bitter ginger extract has a healing potential, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and vasodilator."

Cured The first tests of the bitter ginger hydrogel were done in 2014, during 90 days, in diabetic patients with indication of amputation. One of the curates was the director of an air taxi company, Mauro Paulino, 37.  Diabetic, he had a standing ulcer - after a glass-cut - and conclusive diagnosis of amputation of one of the fingers. "For me, the gel was a light at the end of the tunnel. I did six months of conventional treatment and one of several doctors I consulted said that I would have to amputate because the infection affected the bone. But that was not necessary, because with less than two months in treatment with the gel in UBS I was cured, "he celebrated.

The research was part of the dissertation of the nurse Mauricio Ladeia for a master's degree in Urban Biology at Nilton Lins University - under the guidance of Inpa researcher, Carlos Cleomir Pinheiro. "I am very happy with the result because it is an innovative work and it will bring benefits to a part of society that suffers from foot injuries and are diabetic," said nurse Mauricio Ladeia. The research was supported by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes) and the Foundation for Research Support of the State of Amazonas (Fapeam).


sources from: portal.inpa.gov.br 

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