450 million died just last March

What if the bees disappear?

Yes, and what if they dissapeared?

Well the entire eco system in great parts would go down, unbalancing an entire chain of life, a planetary chaos.

The researcher in Embrapa and PhD in Insect Ecology Carmem Pires explains that we would stop consuming several fruits or they would be very expensive, since the work of pollination done by the bees would have to be done manually by humans.

 According to the Public Agency and Repórter Brasil, about 500 million bees have died in the last three months in four Brazilian states: 

400 million in Rio Grande do Sul, 7 million in São Paulo, 50 million in Santa Catarina and 45 million in Mato Grosso do Sul.

This is the estimate of the beekeeping associations, Secretaries of Agriculture and researches conducted by the universities.

The cause of the extermination, according to experts, is the contact of the species with pesticides based on neonicotinoids and Fipronil,  which has been banned in Europe for more than a decade. The ingredients contained in these pesticides are lethal to insects when sprayed,  they spread beyond the affected area.

Awareness is the mission. Tell them without discussing. Let's hope this year this doesn't happen.




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